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Inflammation, Cortisol (aging hormone), and Toxicity (Endotoxicity/Exotoxicity), the Triad of Dsyfunction, cause endocrine disruption. Endocrine disruption is the chief culprit of belly fat, leading to obesity, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. 

Endocrine disruption causes two very unfortunate dis-ease causing hormonal events in the human body that leads to insidious fat accumulation. These lipostat (fat regulating) hormones are Leptin and Insulin. The reason why, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 98% of ALL diets fail is that they fail to address these hormones which are the Prince regulators of fat storage. 


Dr. DiSiena, along with two of the best Certified Lifestyle Educators, Autumn Hargrove and Alex Harbin, apply personalized lifestyle coorective changes as well as targeted and specialized nutraceutical support to reverse the dis-ease causing endocrine disrption.

Over the years, we have seen seeminly miraculous transformations in not only fat loss, for literally restoring life as it once was. 

The True Cause of Weight Gain


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The tragedy of Life is not Death, but what Dies inside of us while still Living
— Dr. Siegel, MD

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She lost 24 pounds of fat, doubled her vitamin D levels, decreased her pre-diabetic A1C levels to healthy levels!