Chiropractic Care


 chiropractic Care in our office...

The principle of Chiropractic is a spine not in its optimal, biomechanical, structural alignment causes physical weakness and stress to the spinal structure causing it to collapse and degenerate at a faster rate than a spine that has optimal biomechanical structure.  Loss of optimal structure of the spine causes abnormal mechanical stress to the spinal cord within the spine.  This stress on the spinal cord reduces energy flow from the brain, through the spine into every cell, tissue and organ of the body.  

Reduced energy to the organs, tissues and cells cause disease and early death.

Rehabilitating optimal spinal structure to the spine relieves mechanical stress on the spinal cord restoring life energy flow to the organs allowing healing of tissues and organs healing disease and restoring renewed health and life to the body.  Correcting spinal structure can literally reverse the aging process of the body as it restores life.

We believe EVERY person has a purpose in this life. When they have a healthy spine, nervous system and life they have a foundational step to having a great opportunity to fulfill their destiny.  EVERY person deserves to live an “unsubluxated” life and it is our responsibility to be sure we teach/coach them in a way to help them find the inspirations within their self to feel they deserve to be healthy and follow through with this lifestyle.