About Dr. Anthony Schuller


Dr. Anthony Schuller’s passion for chiropractic began as a child, when he was brought to a chiropractor for his severe asthma. From birth to 2 years old, Anthony was rushed to the ER multiple times because he’d turn blue from lack of oxygen. Medical doctors told his parents to remove all stuffed animals from his room, and to continue using his inhaler to prevent from future attacks. Not only did this approach fail, but it also led to more medications without resolve. Eventually, a friend referred his family to a Chiropractor. Within weeks of starting care, his body started functioning the way God designed it to, his asthma resolved, and all medications were dropped! Now as a board-certified, licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, Anthony has a passion for providing parents and children with the same hope he once received! 

He graduated Magna cum Laude and received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West and obtained Clinic Honors for excellence in care of his patients. While in school, Dr. Anthony served as a guest speaker for ChiroFest 2017, an annual chiropractic conference in the pacific northwest. He also lectured to a group of doctors in Lake Geneva, WI regarding mental health and chiropractic intervention. 

Dr. Anthony is passionate about providing unparalleled, chiropractic care because he has witnessed so many men, women, and children succumb to unnecessary treatments, including various antibiotics, other medications, and surgeries. Moreover, he knows there’s another way because he and his family continue to experience it! Using a multitude of techniques to assess and correct the underlying cause of various health concerns, Dr. Anthony focuses on specific, neurologically-based chiropractic care because he recognizes that all functions of the body are coordinated and controlled by the nervous system! 

Dr. Anthony’s personal mission is to help families discover the reality of their inborn ability to heal and provide hope for their future health.