My story….

My name is Dr. Brian Harbin. I am a chiropractor at DiSiena Family and Irvine Chiropractic, and this is my story. 


I grew up with a passion for sports. I played pretty much every sport I could. I believed I was going to be a professional athlete. In high school, I lettered in 5 sports, while also playing hockey at the junior level. After graduating high school, I pursued collegiate football and because of my passion for sports and the human body, I started on the path towards a career as an athletic trainer. After just one year in the athletic training program, I felt lost because I knew this wasn’t the career path for me. During this time, as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, my relationship with girlfriend became serious. Her father began telling me that if I wanted to marry his daughter, I had to go to chiropractic school. I knew he was teasing me, but those words kindled a fire. I proposed to his daughter after we graduated from undergraduate college, and even though I had no idea what chiropractic really was, I enrolled into chiropractic school that next year. After marrying her, my journey into my new career began.  During Chiropractic College, I learned about the history of chiropractic and the mechanics of an adjustment. I thought chiropractic was about moving bones, musculoskeletal, and pain driven, and I had yet to learn the true principle of this profession. 


As I was in school, my father-in-law started sharing the philosophy with me. My eyes began to open, and I began to understand the true meaning of chiropractic. I began falling in love with this new path I chose! During my final year in school, I started a mentorship at our office, and instantly witnessed healing! Now that I am practicing I get to be a part of these miracles. I have seen babies suffering from colic, unable to latch, or suffering from constipation and after just a couple adjustments, these babies are calm, thriving, and pooping! I have seen children come in with “ADHD”, on the spectrum, not making eye contact, not focusing in school. After coming in to get adjusted for a couple weeks/months, they are focused, excelling in school, and making eye contact! I have seen adults who are HOPELESS, depressed, and in chronic pain. They come into the office and begin care, and after a few weeks or months they begin feeling better, they start having hope, and I see their entire life change! They are smiling, laughing and are no longer in pain. The chronic pain they suffered from for years is gone, and they are vibrating at a higher level. 


Although I just went into this chiropractic thing for my wife, I was able to find my true passion. I am driven by giving hope to the hopeless, and EMPOWERING families to gain control of their health and happiness.



·      2016 Doctor of Chiropractic

·      Los Angeles Chiropractic College

·      2016 Functional Movement Technique Certification

·      2016 Titleist Performance Institute Certification

·      2017 Webster Technique Certification

·      Ongoing Education in various chiropractic techniques and philosophy.


·      2016-present  Private Practice at DiSiena Family and Irvine Chiropractic Offices

·      2016-present- Team Doctor for Saddleback Valley Christian Schools

·      2016 Founder of Hands for Life Irvine- a non-Profit organization serving the underprivileged with Chiropractic care


·      International Chiropractic Association

·      California Chiropractic Association

·      International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

Positions Held

·      President of Hands for Life Irvine Non-Profit Organization

·      Community Health Fairs for major corporations in Orange County

·      Chiropractor for medical missions trips to Mexico

·      Speaker for Hands for Life Irvine providing informative talks to our Community

Techniques Trained In

·      Gentle manual full spine Diversified Adjusting

·      Activator Methods

·      Chiropractic Biophysics

·      Sacral Occipital Technique